• This is a Wallpaper I designed in Photoshop. I've uploaded the template PSD file along with tutorial PDF to deviantart.com. You can download the template from the page: CLICK HERE

  • This is one of the photos I clicked with my Digital Camers, while on vacation to Switzerland & Italy, 2011. I have uploaded this photo, along with other photos, as a zip file to the Deviantart page: CLICK HERE

  • This is a Wallpaper I created using Photoshop. I've not shared the psd of this template, since it's quite simple to create.

  • This is another Wallpaper I created, but haven't shared the template psd for this too. If you require the template, let me know via the contact page.

Welcome to Applestreet, a web-based blog and website.

This is my personal Website + Blog, to share my Tutorial Blog articles, Music Playlists, and other web related content.

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Visit the facebook page, and hit the like button to receive updates on articles of web-tech and apps!

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Wordpress Blog

The wordpress blog is my blogging page, where I post tutorials on various stuff relating to scripting etc.

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My Travel Blog

My travel blog consists photos I've clicked while on tour to Switzerland/Italy(2011), & Bali/Singapore(2012)

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My Stuff

My stuff consists mainly of Music Playlists of I've shared and some of the template designs which I've created!

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My Latest Stuff

Website Template

Template I created [Nov. 2013]

Wallpaper Template

Wallpaper template I created

My Travel Blog

Travel Photo Gallery Blog

iMDB Grabber

A PHP Tool to Grab data from iMDB Links.

Featured Blog Entries

Tutorial: How to Customize & Validate a Google Form. "In this tutorial, I???ll be showing how to Customize a Google Form, and validate it using javascript. The scripting also includes a custom thankyou page for redirection on success."
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Tutorial: How to Display your Winamp/Itunes Current Song on your Website. "Tools Required: AMIP, AMIP Configurator, Winamp 5+, Dropbox, and Notepad. In this tutorial, I???ll be showing how to use AMIP (Now Playing) Tool + AMIP Configurator, and Dropbox with some html/CSS and jquery plugins, for showing or embedding the current playing track of your Windows System???s media player, on your website/blog."
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Tutorial: How to Align Animated .gif images side by side. "Tools Required: GIMP Image Editor, Ofnuts??? ???Interleave layers??? Python script, UnFreeze Portable Utility (for joining extracted gif???s), and Irfanview Portable (for extracting gif). On this blog post, I???ll provide info and links about how to align / join / stitch / attach 2 or more gif animations side by side."
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Tutorial: How to Sync Game Saves between computers. "Tools Required: Your Game Save Location, Synkron Portable, Dropbox, a Batch-script. The batch file script is simple, which starts a program, then waits for the program to close, after which is launches another program. "
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Winamp's Now Playing

Here's what I'm currently listening to on my Winamp (Click for Tutorial)